The NMAH Ship Plans List

Most of the small craft plans that Howard Chapelle produced from field measurements are in collections of the National Museum of American History.  You can read about the NMAH Ship Plans List and order it here for $30.

Contacting the Ship Plans Office

The page linked above has a contact form.  I used it to ask about a Chapelle plan and didn’t here back until 90 days later.  For a faster response, try these email addresses:  (James Smailes)

The Chapelle Plans

I scanned pages from an old 1999 edition of the Ship Plan List that is now out of print for plans from these Chapelle publications (with catalog codes):

  • Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiffs (CBCS)
  • American Small Sailing Craft (ASSC)
  • Boatbuilding (BB)
  • “Migrations of an American Boat Type” (T-77)
  • “Notes on Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks” (BA)

The catalog listings for ASSC and BB also show the plate or figure and corresponding book page in each book for that plan.

For CBCS, the catalog numbers equate to the figures in the booklet.  For example, CBCS-4 is Figure 4, Two-Sail Bateau.

The Chapelle catalog pages are here.

The prices shown in these scanned pages are out of date.  For example, the plans which I purchased for CBSC-1 and CBSC-4 show $3 cost in the old catalog.  The current price (2024) is $10 plus $5 for shipping and handling.