I discovered Pep when I attended the annual Solomons Maritime Festival at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons Island in May 2024.

The information panel at CMM describes this craft as one that Chapelle measured at Deal Island in 1940.  Pep would be a reproduction, then, of Figure 1, Smith Island Crabbing Skiff, in Chapelle’s Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiffs and in Boatbuilding, plate l9, page 74Plans and a 1940 photo of this skiff are also found in the collection of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels.

The museum’s Patuxent Small Craft Guild used the Chapelle plans to build Pep in 1983.  Pep is listed as CMM collection item 1983.44, a gift of Patuxent Small Craft Guild.

Below my photos of Pep in the small craft collection are other photos of Pep launching and sailing.

I’ve documented other Smith-Island double-ender crabbing skiffs here.

Pep on exhibit in the CMM Small Craft Collection

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Pep Story

“Pep about to be launched for the first time.” 

This photo is displayed on the wall of the Patuxent Small Craft Guild boat shop.

Pep at the St. Mary’s Maritime Festival in 1992.  On the left is Jack Krolak, former CMM boatwright.  CMM boatwright George Sargent is n the middle.”

This photo is displayed on the wall of the Patuxent Small Craft Guild boat shope.

Pep going for her first sail in 1983.”

(CMM Collection P-9439)



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